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    How to add images to a table by an URL available in data set?

    kath Hoff

      I would like to create a table that shows a name and a certain image with it. The image can be accessed via a URL which is stored in the data base. So in the below instead of showing the URL I would like to show the image:



      Example data:


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          Michael Ye



          We need use place holder to do this. Please see the attachment with V10.2.


          (1) First, you need to download the picture files and put in shape fold.

          (2) Then, in the place holder for URL, Select "Shape", and put URL dimension in the shape panel.

          (3) Uncheck the "Show Header" for the URL and Name Dimensions in Rows.

          (4) With This method, you don't have measure column. If you need it, you need to build another "Place holder" column to hold it.


          Hope it helps.


          Michael Ye


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            Martin Ocando

            This is not exactly the solution. While it works (kinda) you still need to have the images in the exact same order as the URL. And if you miss one image, the subsequent images will be assigned to the wrong row. I have a Birthday dashboard and I want to show the image of every worker in our company (over 1,000), so doing it this way will take a lot of time. And keeping it up to date with our weekly hirings would be particularly difficult.

            The solution would be to resolve the image using the URL, in the same way, that the image placeholder and URL actions work on dashboards.


            Is there any way to do this?