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    Datasources embedded in workbooks

    Murat Özcan

      Hello to all,


      I can't understand the behaviour of tableau when creating workbooks on server. Environment is: (in chronological order)


      1.Publish a datasource via desktop.

      2.Download this datasource from server; create a workbook; pbulish the workbook with the embedded datasource option checked.

      3.Login the server; go to datasource published in the step1; create a workbook through server and save it.


      Now I see three datasource with the names:


      datasourcename --------------------> embedded in workbook ------> connects to datasourcename

      datasourcename(local copy)-----> embedded in workbook ------> connects to database

      datasourcename --------------------> published ------------------------> connects to database


      can anybody tell me what is going on here with two embedded in workbook ?




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          Isaac Kunen

          Hi Murat,


          Yeah, data sources on Server are a bit confusing. I've annotated your picture to help with the explanation:

          • You get data source 1 in your first step. This is the only step in which you create a published data source, which is a data source that has its own, independent existence. You can tell this by the cylinder icon I've highlighted in region A. This points to something other than a data source, which you can see by the icon in region B.
          • In your second step, you downloaded data source 1, which really does create a local copy that is not at all connected to data source 1 on the server. When you publish this workbook, you get a second data source -- data source 2 -- that points to the same external system as data source 1, but is embedded in the workbook. Embedded data sources are really part of the workbook, and don't have an independent existence.
          • In your third step, you created a workbook that was connected to data source 1, and then published this workbook. The workbook needs a pointer to where it reads its data, and an embedded data source is Server's mechanism for doing this. The result is that you get data source 3, but this embedded data source doesn't point to the external system; it points to data source 1.


          Hope this helps!


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