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    Filter without removing categories


          It would be great if I could apply a filter that would act as hybrid of the filter and highlight features in a dashboard. For example, if I have a chart with 6 categories and a bar with value for each, and I select one, I don't want the other 5 to go away and constantly be shifting the shape of the boxes and size of the bars- this can be very distracting- rather, it would be ideal if the  boxes would remain, but the bars in the graph would just show a value of zero. If this doesn't exist, this would be a useful idea, but if it does, does anyone have a workaround?

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Caitlyn

          To be honest, what you're describing doesn't sound too inituitive to me, so I question whether your report consumers would really understand what is happening and why.


          Anyhow, off the top of my head, the workaround I can think of, is to use a parameter for your list of categories to select, rather than a quick filter.  You'd then create a field called [Revised Sales] or similar which would be something like..

          IF [Category Param] = 'All'  OR ([Category] = [Category Param]) THEN [Sales] ELSE 0 END*

          *note completely untested


          You'd then plot this [Revised Sales] measure against [Category] rather than the [Sales] measure.


          The drawbacks with this though is that

          1) the list of categories in the parameter is static, so any new categories added into the data won't be available for selection.

          2) you can't have a 'multi select' options in a parameter, so you canonly show 'All' categories with their values or just one at a time.

          3) I don't whether you might be showing anything else on your dashboard that should be affected by this 'filter', so this concept might not scale.


          Hope that helps.