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    Average Line

    Yeheyies Tekleselassie



      The average of (see 1) of individual checklist is 95%. (I used the Average Line). However (see 2)- when I remove the checklist 2017 (see image to the right)  from the column  then I get a 93% average. Why there are two different average percentage? Please help

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          Wilson Po

          Hi Yeheyies,


          Average reference lines work by averaging the values of the marks on your view - if your bar chart has a 10 bars, it is the simple average of those 10 values; if the bar chart has 1 bar, it is the simple average of that 1 value (which tends to be the same value).  The idea is that these reference lines are responsive to the view, but they do depend highly on the level of detail/granularity used in the view. 


          It looks like #2 is a average checklist % of responses, whereas #1 is a total % of responses.  The difference might suggest the difference between the overall response rate vs how well the user completed each question with the the survey.


          Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions, and Boxes

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            Yeheyies Tekleselassie

            Thank you so much, Wilson.  Is there any calculation that I can use to reflect the average as one value (the average of all the 10 values)?