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    FIXED and order of calculation

    Alexander James Bogart



      A quick question regarding fixed levels of calculation.


      { FIXED datediff('day',[End Date Time],TODAY()) < 120, [Work Type], [Complete Time] > 0, [Out Business Area (group)], [Workstep]: AVG([Start / End Difference])}


      My intention is to pull the last 120 days worth of data, irrespective of whatever date filter I have included in the view. I've noticed, however, that when I restrict the date filter to ~1 month, the value of the calculation changes.


      I'm trying to understand what I'm missing from an order of operations perspective.



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi see the visual below - in the order of operation you will see where the



          using superstore data I set a context filter to the last 3 months on order date (note the data file is through 2017)

          so it will show the 3 months even though I I selected 6 months on the month filter





          but if i only select 2 months within the time frame then only the 2 months show


          Now I created a simple LOD


          and now the lod will return the same 3 month total regardless of the month filter



          then adding an Include LOD will bring the months back into the calcualtion




          then adding a table calcualtion


          will be limited to the context filter






          see the order of operation - the context filter will limit the operations below it


          but within the context limits (3 months) the other filters and calculations will still limit the results







          One thing that comes up over and over is the desire to "fix" the rank running totals using an LOD - the lod's precede the table calculations so LOD's can not include table calculations but table calculations can be applied to lod's


          Does that help



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