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    sum shows wrong when hierarchy is minimized




      I'm trying to do a calculation and using blending.


      I have two data sources file1 and file 2.


      File 1 has country/division level each process.

      File 2 has Process details.


      I want to get the total items for each unit. so for a Unit in a country might have 5 processes and each process might have different number of rows.


      Ex: process A has 10 rows and process B as 25 rows. if country/unit has both processes then count of rows is 35. we need to sum the total rows at region/country/unit/process level and show count when we maximize the hierarchy.


      I'm using number of records in file 2 and calculated field which does the calculation.


      Tableau shows count when we maximize the Hierarchy till Process level but does not show when we look data at country level.


      below is the view and shows Totalrecords correctly when I'm at process level. (number of records*unitcount)


      but when I move to country level number of records count is not correct. I need to just show Valid and status="Done" records.



      Any help would be appreciated.

      Attached the sample file. please advise.