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    Multiple filter values and dynamic text in dashboards

    Kyle Bogaert

      I have a basic background in Tableau, but came across two related problems I have not yet been able to solve. I am working on Tableau 10.3.6.


      The goal for now is to create a series of dashboards that can be printed to PDF as a mini report (and eventually used for their full interactive capabilities) summarizing survey data by location.  Attached is a dummy workbook with a snapshot of irrelevant fake data that is generally shaped like the data I am actually working with.


      1. My goal is to be able to select a state or city using the filter on the title page that will apply to the other worksheets - that is straightforward and I know how to do that. However, I also want to be able to show comparisons to the national values in select worksheets (see Indicators as an example dashboard). The data is structured so that 'national' is considered a location as well, so to filter by location on the title dashboard and apply to all worksheets will not show the relevant national values. I would prefer not to have to have the user select the filter twice (first on the title and then on a subsequent sheet that applies to all other sheets). Is there a way around this?


      2. Is there a way to have dynamic text in text boxes on a dashboard? For example, see dashboard RR where I would like to be able to automatically populate the response rate to the survey in a dashboard text box. I know how to dynamically change text on a worksheet (and use that to populate a dashboard), but am not sure as to whether dynamic text is possible beyond workbook/sheet/user name in a dashboard text box.


      Feedback is appreciated!