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    How to connect the kml. with exl. in Tableau

    Xinxin Wang

      Hi, Tableau Community!


      I just have one question, that I download the shapefile from Census for Zip Code, I was able to use the filter to highlight the area I needed. I failed to use it to link with my own data I collected from different sources.  I can't build up the connection between the two maps. (This result is Polygon, but I cant add other info on top of that).


      The Map looks like this:屏幕快照 2018-01-24 下午2.35.25.png


      Then I realized that in Tableau has some map layers with the zip code shape, but it does not highlight the area I need, and also it doesn't have the poverty rate layer( which I really need).


      屏幕快照 2018-01-24 下午2.58.52.png

      The second map is good enough, but it doesn't has the poverty map layer and it doesn't highlight the area I need.


      So I am seeking for the solutions for both of the options.


      Thank you!