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    Tableau on I-pad


      What do we need to do to access Tableau Dashboard from iPad/Tablet from development and server perspective ?

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          Hi Suvas,


          You would need to publish your workbooks to Server/Online/Public in order to see your viz on tablets/iPads.

          You can use the mobile app if you want, but it is not necessary.


          Are you having an issue with your tablet and Tableau?

          Could the Device Designer help you?


          Once you publish the report to Tableau Server, it is immediately available for browsing on the iPad - you don't have to do anything "special".



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            Does it require to develop differently using device designer ? I want to use the same Dashboard both in I-Pad and in desktop browser. How about Vertical and Horizontal  ? What things need to be considered while developing ?

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              Can we not access the existing dashboards in i-Pad without any problem which are published in the server ?

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                No it doesn't need any further development. You can just place things differently for your other device.

                When you choose the device in this tool, you will layout exactly how you want it to be. This is just a drag and drop feature + clicks to set it up.


                Vertical/Horizontal → Device Designer and/or Tableau mobile


                You can access the dashboard from your i-pad, without the need of Device Designer, it all depends how your dashboard is set up.

                Would you be able to share your workbook?

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                  I don't have any specific workbook in mind.  In general, I am asking.


                  Every dashboard is set up differently. In what circumstance, I don't need device designer ?

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                    pavan mojala

                    Go to the device preview on the dashboard and change it according to your need. It applies for all the dashboards. It depends on which device the targeted user is using so that you can save the dashboard in that format and publish it to the sever.