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    Unable to get YoY % change on date (day) with month filer

    Stephen Watson

      Hello Tableau World!


      I've been scratching my head for a to figure what I feel should be a relatively simple query.


      I have a data set with number of logins and the associated date field - I currently have this displayed on my dashboard as "Logins per day" with a filter to pull data for a particular month. This gives the number of login per day for each month, based on the filter selection. I've updated the chart to include YoY % change figure to the chart - for example, % Difference of logins on 24th January compared to the same day the previous yet. However, due to the filter, it doesn't return the correct data. The % difference field is based on "specific dimensions" with Year of Post date selected.


      I'd really appreciate any help or a quick solution to this issue.