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    Joining Data with filters and Generating Passed/Failed Values

    Sumit Kumar Ghosh

      I am pulling data from a Database and I have some threshold values in an excel sheet. I need to assign true to values that are less than the threshold. Say:


      DB data:Excel Data:(Thresholds)My outcome should be

      Product ColA ColB

      A 100 10

      B 50 20

      Product ColA ColB

      Any 50 10

      Product ColA ColB

      A False True

      B True False



      1. How Can I do this in Tableau? Join - I am not able to do a join for "Any" with Product A/B I am using Tableau 10.1

      2. If, in the Threshold I change the data to 2 rows with the same product name and same threshold values then the join works. Here, to get True/False for each Col do I need to create calculated Variables? Is there a simpler way?

      3. If I am adding or changing the records in the Excel Sheet Tableau does not reflect the change. How to fix it?