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    Plotting Empty Dates on Line Graphs

    Corbin Clement

      I know this has been discussed en masse, but I cannot fond a solution that has worked for me, so I wanted to upload my workbook.


      In chart 1, "Facebook Overview", I need to remove the connecting line between 10/13 and 12/6 for "CTR", to match what it shows for "Facebook Impressions", as there is no data for this timeframe. I've gone through discrete vs continuous date settings on the X axis as well as the menu path Format > Pane > Special Values > Marks for CTR. Using a ZN calc for these values also makes no difference. I'm doing something wrong. #usererror


      Displaying the line either dropping to zero for this empty timeframe (like the "YouTube" cart) or making it blank/broken are both fine. I would like to figure out how to do both.


      Thank you!