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    US 3 Digit zip map -

    Dharma Acharya

      Hi Guys,

      i have a requirement to create a map based on US 3 digit zips. My Data source have 3 digit zip codes but not 5 digit and state. So i created an excel sheet with the list of 5 digit zip codes and 3 digit zip codes so that i can create map of 3 digit zip codes based on 5 digit zip. Now since i have used secondary data source to create map, filters are not working which makes my map useless.


      i was following through the discussion and came to know that i can use WMS maps which supports 3 digit zip codes. i found  http://ows.terrestris.de/osm/service? but did not support 3 digit zip. did i miss something ? or is there other URL which supports 3 digit zip codes?

      any suggestion for work around is really appreciated.