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    Workbook Thumbnails - User Specific View

    Ryan Lambert

      We had upgraded to 10.4 before Christmas and have recently re-published a few handful of workbooks with some modifications to realise the thumbnails have disappeared. We were initially on 10.0 and now most of these workbooks and views have the "User Specific View" thumbnail with white background. My question is, how can I fix this to get the thumbnails back? I have read this is expected behaviour, which I do not believe as we were on 10.0 without this issue and now on 10.4 having this issue. We have user filters but like I said before that never created an issue back on 10.0 and earlier versions for us.


      We have 130 workbooks so modifying the user filters is highly undesirable as a workaround (if that is the suggested path forward).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Hello Ryan,


          I would check that the workbooks have the proper permissions allowed for generating the thumbnails on the Tableau Server for user specific view. See the section of the Tableau Help guide below that touches on generation of these specific filters 'Specify how to generate thumbnails for workbooks with user filters'.


          + http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/v10.3/pro/desktop/en-us/publish_workbooks_howto.html



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Ryan Lambert

            In the following scenarios, a generic image appears in place of the view thumbnail.

            • The user you select does not have permission to see the data.
            • The data is from a Tableau Server data source that was published with data source filters, user calculations, impersonation, or other user reference.


            So for the first point, I have tried all super users and groups and that has not fixed it. Can confirm the data source used has no data source filters, calcs,impersonations, or references. The workbook has user filters but not the data source. The data source is direct from SQL Server as-is.

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              Jeff Strauss

              Hi Ryan.  We ran into a similar predicament, and had to find a viable path forward.  I think we ran into it when implementing user filters within version 10.1, so I can't really speak to earlier versions as we had a more antiquated row level security model prior to implementing this.


              What happened is that if we had the user filter within the published datasource (i.e. [Username] = username() ) then we would see the generic thumbnail.  I chatted with couple of the Tableau engineers about this (maybe at conference) and they said this was by design to ensure that a real user looking at the thumbnail cannot see info that they're not supposed to be able to see as the published datasource may be using a more generic or runas userid not in the context of the specific user.  And they understood the problem that I was running into.  The only viable workaround that we found was to completely remove the user filter from the centralized published datasource and then embed it within each workbook as a local datasource filter on top of the published datasource.  It wasn't so appetizing to get this done, but it worked as it allows the user that is pulling up the thumbnail to use their specific id.

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                Ryan Lambert

                Thanks Jeff - the published TDS do not have any filters though, all filters are at the sheet level within the workbooks. Upgraded to 10.5 and did not fix either. This was working fine on 10.0 and now since 10.4 any changes we make and re-publish it does this. I added a screenshot of the title page as a thumbnail page for now but that is not desirable.

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                  Jeff Strauss

                  Interesting.  I haven't had a chance to test this out yet with 10.5, but I will add it onto our test matrix to see if the thumbnail images show up or not.  Just as a matter of double-checking, if you are looking for the datasource filters while connected to the published datasource via a workbook, then the filters won't appear.  You need to be connected directly at the published datasource (i.e. a local copy) in order to see the filters.  So if you haven't done this, please verify that the filters do not appear here within the local copy.

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                    Ryan Lambert

                    Can confirm - downloading a local copy of the TDS onto my desktop as a packaged data source shows no filters in that data source. User Filters are used directly in the workbooks and then published to server using the TDS as a data source.


                    The TDS itself is a bunch of SQL Server table joins extracted onto Server as a TDS.

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                      Jeff Strauss

                      thanks.  You may want to open a case, or others on this forum may want to chime in.  My team will start testing in the next week or two and will try to remember to respond here what we find.

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                        Ryan Lambert

                        I have opened a case on this and sent Tableau Support the packaged workbook - will let you know what they can find. There is sensitive data in that workbook so will be unable to share it here in the community.