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    Web Data Connector / Tableau Server Refresh error

    John Meier

      Hello all,


      I'm having trouble getting Tableau Server to refresh a WDC that requires authentication.  The extract refreshes fine in Tableau Desktop after entering the credentials in the authentication dialog, but fails with a 'Missing Password' error when refreshed on Tableau Server.  Credentials are being embedded when the workbook is published to server from Tableau Desktop.  As best I can tell from published information on the web everything is setup correctly.   There are other Web Data Connectors installed in the environment working fine, this is the first one though that required authentication.


      The Web data connector Javascript has an init method where the credentials are setup:


      Ac.init = function(initCallback) {

                      tableau.authType = tableau.authTypeEnum.basic;

                      var username = $("#username-input").val() || tableau.username;

                      var password = $("#password-input").val() || tableau.password;

                      tableau.username = username;

                      tableau.password = password;




      Once again to reiterate, the extract works fine from Tableau Desktop after entering the WDC credentials when prompted.  Tableau Server refresh fails with 'missing password'.  Is the technique being used in the Javascript correct, in the sense that Tableau Server will be able to inject the credentials that were embedded into the flow? 


      Would appreciate any advice you can provide.  Other WDC's are refreshing fine on the Server environment, but these do not require authentication.