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    Published data sources on Tableau Server

    Kris Curtis

      I manage a Tableau Server deployment that has had limited governance. It means we have lots of data sources published on the server which are incorrect  or not efficiently designed. Is there any way I can disable publishers ability to publish data sources? I want them to publish content, but not to publish data sources.


      Has any other server admins come up against this issue and solved - either through site role or project permissions?




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          Donna Coles

          Hi Kris

          I haven't stopped people publishing data sources, but don't actively encourage it (or train people on how to do it).  Our 'trusted' data sources are published into their own Project 'Master Data Sources'.  This project uses permissions to allow only those in the 'Master Data Sources Publisher' group the rights to publish any content into it.  The members of this group are very limited, and know not to publish any content other than datasources into to it.  However anyone has the rights to connect to these data sources and then they publish content into other projects.  The 'core' projects we have are named by business function (Finance, HR, Sales, Services etc) and we control who has the rights to publish content into these (have to hold a Desktop Licence and have been trained).  We then have an 'Adhoc' project which anyone has the right to publish into.  Occasionally I see a data source in here, but it's quite rare.


          Hope that helps a bit


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