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    Benefits of Installing Two nodes

    Nancy Sbeity



      I have the following case:

      - A Production server that shows published projects and workbooks

      - A UAT server that is responsible of creating workbooks and testing them before being published on the production server.


      What is the best practice to do this installation:

      1- Install a primary node as UAT and a worker node as the production server. If so, when publishing a workbook in a project, will it be published on both servers?

      2- Install 2 separate servers, and publish a workbook on both servers.

      3- Do you recommend something else?


      Thank you for your help


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          Mark Thrailkill

          Hi Nancy,


          Option 2 is the answer here. Worker nodes in Tableau Server deployments are used to spread Tableau Server processes over multiple computers to spread the resource load and/or add redundancy, but the primary and worker nodes are in the same environment. From a user interface point of view there's no difference between a single-server environment and a distributed environment, so for a separate UAT environment we'll need to set up a separate server.