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    scheduling refresh for an extract

    Tony Fahd

      hi, I have a tableau workbook that is connected to 2 data sources. once source is a SQL query and the other is an excel file. The custom SQL query is not linked to the excel file. I published both data sources to the server and I scheduled a  monthly refresh for the SQL query. The issue is that Tableau is not refreshing the query for some reason. i am getting a notification that the refresh failed. Any suggestions?

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          Wilson Po

          Hi Tony,

          I would open a support ticket on issues like this and work with them to troubleshoot this issue: Support Case | Tableau Software

          • Provide them a screenshot of the background task admin dashboard that show the refresh failure and any error message in the hover over tooltip
          • you might also need to help send logs to the support team.  Work with Log Files

          For issues like this, the errors are almost specific to the environment rather than how you may have set up the data connection in Tableau:  The Server Run-As Account may not be able to access the directory that the Excel file is located during the refresh, the data connection may include a filepath based of a drive letter rather than the network path, the Server Run-As account cannot communicate with the database or may not have privillage to execute the custom SQL for some reason. 


          Either way, these would be issues to get some help to identify the warning provided by Tableau to help steer for a fix.  Support would be best to help you understand if there have been any explicit notes on what needs to be fixed to resolve a Server refresh.