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    Action Menu Filter not showing in worksheet

    Raul Ramirez




      I've define several action filter (option menu). It is working in Tableau Desktop.






      I have published it in Tableau OnLine with this configuration (show sheets as tabs and role Editor) :




      and only it is working one filter, this one:





      But this worksheet is not working, the action menu filter is not showing\working. Please I need help



      I don't understand how is working for Tableau desktop and not for OnLine. In Tableau online Works for the left filter but not for rigth filter (it is a worksheet)


      Please, what is it happening?





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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Raul,


          For this case, it appears that the information and workbook may be confidential.  Please create a ticket with Tableau Support to engage with one of our engineers to assist if it is too difficult to create a sample workbook to share with the community.  It is very challenging to determine the issues of action filters without being able to examine the workbook and the current setup. 


          One thought though..  Often when I come across a particularly challenging action filter issue, I'll turn to a sheet selector option.  Sheet Selection on Steroids – VizPainter  is a great resource for more advanced ways to configure something like this.   Joshua Milligan has documented his sample workbook that is attached to that page so you can download and open it while following along with the configurations he has used. 


          For assistance creating a sample workbook, please see Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


          Thank you,