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    Data Modelling via Viz

    Michael Jones


      I've decided to embark on a journey to the exciting world of predictive analytics.   Fundamentally I believe that there are two main methods to get to the "future".  First you can just take the trending information being fed in and extend it forward to some point (past predicting future).  Alternatively, I believe if you understand the underlying hydraulics of your area of interest you can leverage them to "model" future states.  Its this second method that I think would be most applicable for my current needs.   At the high level I believe through a combination of parameters and formulas (I assume with LOD factored in) that I should be able to provide my end users with the ability to set up a future state based on the data being analyzed.  


      I'm hoping someone out there has more familiarity with the second method I'm describing who can point me in the right direction.   Simplistic workbook which provides a small sample set of data to work off to learn the mechanics would be great.   Articles that lay out in detail how to go about this would be appreciated as well.   


      Example scenario:

      - If I am examining Diversity at my company and know the compositional makeup across several years along with hiring and turnover information, Then I'd like to be able to model a future state where the Gender % moves by X amount. (ie it would an increase of company headcount, hiring # of gender, and turnover reducing by factor of x in said gender)


      Any information would be appreciated.