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    Concerns regarding Tableau Server update

    Ammy Vega Darya

      Dear All,


      I am planning to update my current Tableau Server from version 9.0 to version 10.5.

      However, I have some concerns and want to confirm about it:


      1. How do I update the Tableau server from 9.0 to 10.5? By download the Tableau Server 10.5 installer and run it as usual?

      2. How do I perform the backup before the update? Do I need to backup it manually or the installation will has backup option?

      3. Will my old workbooks still exist once I performed the update? How about the existing user accounts?

      4. Is that okay if I am still using Tableau Desktop version 9.0 and publish some workbooks to Tableau Server 10.5? Any side effects using different version of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server?

      5. Is there a way for me to downgrade to Tableau Server version 9.0 again if anything happen?


      I am sorry if I asked so many questions.

      I just wanna make sure that everything okay if I update the Tableau Server to the latest version.


      Thank You!