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    How to Upload and Update data in Tableau using Database and Python?

    Harshit Gulati

      Hi All,

      I have some questions regarding the Dynamic connection between Tableau and Database using Python.


      1. How can I append data to tableau at the time, a new data is added to the Database?

      2. If above question is answerable, how can such be done using Python?

      3. Without scheduler can Que 1 be achieved?

      4. Is there any role of TabPy in any of the dynamic data extraction?


      If above questions are not correct, can you please help me in identifying the correct answer, of how to upload data  and Auto update whenever, a new data is added into the database without using scheduler (using python codes)?


      I know this question might be tricky/rubbish, but it is the thing I require from Tableau. Kind of making my project much more automated and dynamic, so that no one has to activate a scheduler, just whenever a new data is added to database, tableau gets updated automatically due to some code.(if you have any other solution please help me out.)


      Thanks in advance.