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    Computer Recommendations Please

    Traci DeGolier

      Hi, all!!  I am in desperate need of a new computer.  I'm currently on a 3 year old Lenovo T440p with Intel i5 and 16GB of RAM and a 220GB hard drive.  With all of the **** my IT team loads on the computers here, I can barely run the queries I need to run to build and support dashboards.  I am running Desktop Professional and publishing to on-premise server.


      I am seeking the advice of the Tableau gurus!  It must be a laptop so I have the flexibility to work in office, at home, in a meeting, on a plane, etc.  Mac or Windows?  Processor?  RAM?  Disk space?  Anything else I need?


      Thank you!!!

      Traci D

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          IMO -- here are things I've found make Tableau enjoyable on a laptop (currently on a Lenovo W541):

          1. give me RAM!! -- I like 16GB minimum.

          2. give me a solid state hard drive -- they are soooo....fast that when swapping out of memory to RAM is needed by Tableau, I don't typically see much of a delay.


          PS - the last element that I prefer is for there to be an on-site PC that I can remote into.  On-site PC's typically have much better network connectivity than connecting through VPN to the data servers.  As such, while I may do some data wrangling from my VPN laptop, that is mostly on smaller models.  Any seriously large dataset that needs to be extracted is done via remoting into an on-site PC so that the network lag is made as negligible as is permitted by the company.