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    Updating Extracts in Tableau Desktop

    Teresa Wright

      I am using an Extract connection for the first time.  I am on Tableau Desktop (Tableau Server is not available) and the data source is MS Access.  What is the best way to update my dashboard?  To manually open the workbook and refresh on the Data Source tab?  Or could I somehow automate a daily refresh.  The only instructions I am finding involve Server or Tableau Public which are not options for me.  Thanks!

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          Santiago Sanchez

          Hi Teresa,


          The ability to automate an extract refresh is not built in Tableau Desktop (though you can do it on Server/Online as you've already found out). An alternative that may save you a couple of clicks is to refresh the extract from the sheet/dashboard directly.


          From the Sheet (right click on the data source name):



          Or from the Sheet or Dashboard:



          Hope this helps!