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    Tableau Server not connecting to Redshift

    Le Bui

      Hi all,


      I am able to connect to Redshift using Tableau Desktop, however, once I publish, I get the following error.


      "Tableau expected to find driver version 9.3.300 or higher to connect to Amazon Redshift, but version is installed.  Visit http://www.tableau.com/drivers to download driver setup files.

      Unable to connect to the server <SERVER>. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database."


      The odd thing about this error is that I am using Tableau Server 10.4.2. I am able to test the data source connection via Tableau Server and have it successfully connect, but once I pull up the view, the error pops up.


      Can anyone shed light on this error? I tried to reinstall the Amazon Redshift driver, but it didn't make a difference.


      Thanks for the help!