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    Need a running average that shows up like a total....

    Mel Buckner

      First image is how my data is now.  Second images is of what I need - eg, I need a line, below my monthly total row that shows a running average - but I don't need to see the day over day of that running average (Image #3).  Using a quick table calc, I got it to perform the running average - essentially the patient census / number of days showing, but I can only get it to display as an additional column and this will be confusing to 99% of my consumers.


        My dr's are asking me to insert an average (essentially a running average) but I need it to show up as a row beneath the total row (re the image above).


      Is there a way to make this happen?

      ds grab.JPGds grab2.jpgds4.JPG


      This is how I used to do it in Excel, pre-tableau.  If total visits are column c, and 12/1/2017 as row 2 =average(c2:c33)