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    Week always starts on the 1st of the month

    Benjamin Alger

      Our billing system is based on a 4 week period, always beginning on the first of the month. So there are 4 periods:


      1st through the 7th

      8th through the 14th

      15th through the 21st

      22nd through the end of the month


      I'm having trouble grouping my days as such. My data is literally a date and a count beside it, e.g.,


      Date               Count

      1/1/2018          38

      1/2/2018          21

      1/3/2018          95

      1/4/2018          99

      1/5/2018          114

      1/6/2018          101

      1/7/2018          98

      1/8/2018          111



      The desired affect of this grouping would be to would show week 1 with a Count of 566 and week 2 with a Count of 111 (based on the single data point above) and so on.


      Could someone steer me in the right direction?


      Thank you,