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    Map Segmentation by More than One Dimension


      I have a shapefile of polygon features that I am trying to display in Tableau. I have had success "segmenting" (by color or by click) the map by criteria within one single column/dimension. However, in this case, I have a set of 12 columns that have binary (1/0) data for each row (e.g. for each input feature, a "yes" or "no") and I would like to create filters for the maps off of these columns (e.g. show all features that have a "1" in column A; show all features that have a 1 in column B, etc). Every input in the file will have at least column with a 1, but most have several columns, and each row has a different amount. I would like to be able to do this all in the same map instead of creating separate maps for each dimension, as there will be other charts in my dashboard that will be filtered based on selection. Does anyone have advice for mapping (or filtering in general) by toggling multiple distinct dimensions/columns? Thanks!

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          Matthew Risley

          Hey Caitlyn,



          Can you provide us with some sample data or a workbook? This sounds doable, but will be hard to tell without knowing the data or its structure




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            I'll work on putting together a sample, but if it helps, it would be the same as taking any of the USCB shapefiles (TIGER/Line® Shapefiles ) and joining in tableau with an excel document by joining the GEOIDs- the excel document would contain one row for each GEOID and have either 1 or 0 as entries in, for example, 4 columns labeled categories A-D.

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              Sarah Battersby

              Hi Caitlyn -


              Do you just need to filter by one at a time?  Or do you want to be able to select attributes from multiple columns and see the combination of where A is 1, B is 0, AND C is 3 at the same time?


              If it's just to be able to see field at a time and quickly jump between, what about creating a parameter with the categories you want to toggle by and then creating a calculated field that checks if the selected category is 1 or 0.  If you use the calculated field on the viz you could automatically filter or color encode based on whether or not the selected category is 0 or 1.


              Quick example attached (in 10.5 - let me know if you  need a different version).  The parameter allows you to select an attribute field, the map then updates.  The data is randomly assigned here, so don't expect any exciting pattern...



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