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    Tableau Published Reports Unknown Server Error LogicException: Internal Error, operation cannot be completed...reset the view?


      Tableau Linux Server 10.5.0 64bit (Linux server CentOS 7)

      Tableau Desktop used for publishing 10.5.0 64bit.


      For a couple of days we were receiving the following error:
      Tableau Report Server Error.jpgBy clicking YES the error disappeared and the report was visible. This error appeared from time to time on a random basis on a random report.

      This morning all of the reports in the server (more than 30) received this error:

      Tableau Server Unknown Internal Error.jpg

      This time clicking YES did not resolve the issue and the error just kept appearing again and again. Clicking NO does nothing - blank page.

      This error appeared for every report both in the Tableau Server and the website where they are published.

      I have tried to re-upload a few reports again to see if they get the same error and yes..they did.

      We have 3 sites with almost the same reports, which means that more than 90 reports are not visible and receive this error and this is all of a sudden. An error log in the back office says that all the reports crashed around 08:30 in the morning one by one.

      Which means that there was nobody doing any changes on anything.


      I read some topics where they suggest a problem with the NULLs, but this is not the case.

      There are also some old topics about problems with the servers, but this is not the same server they suggest, furthermore, our reports were working until this sudden crash.


      I am thankful for any help