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    Parameters and Filters do not work on SubTotals when adding additional dimensions

    James Fulmer

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I am a relatively new user of Tableau 10.4 and am having some trouble filtering on Sub Totals instead of row totals.  I've tried fixed functions and table calculations and cannot seem to figure it out.


      My company has two types of sales (Products & Services).  I created 3 columns based on different product ID combinations

      • Product Bookings are based on one calculated field (Specific Product IDs)
      • Services Bookings are based on a different calculated field (Specific Product IDs)
      • Total Bookings is a calculated field (Product Bookings + Services Bookings)


      I am looking to filter (or create a parameter) based on the cells in Yellow below.  When I use a Total Bookings filter, the filter is applied to the row totals instead of the subtotals.  A customer can have a positive deal value or a negative deal value.  The Customer SubTotal can be negative, but the filter still shows the deals that are positive.



      *The bookings below do not represent the customers total bookings.  Some customers can have hundreds of orders.  The columns will also be expanded to include sales agent name and Product ID.  Could also add more columns in the future.


      Customer Set 1.PNG

      Customer Set 2.PNG


      I could really use your help Tableau Community.  This one has me stumped!


      Best Regards,