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    Allow Server users to create and save groups


      Is there a way to allow Server users to, for example, select 5 out of 1000 quick filter options and create a group based off of them?  We're trying to figure out a way to allow the end users to manage custom groups of diagnosis codes, so that our Desktop devs don't have to do it for them. 


      I know about the grouping feature built in to Server, but that won't work, because the groups need to be labeled, and I won't necessarily expose all of the diagnosis codes on the viz for them to group anyway. 


      I'm on Server 10.3 and upgrading to 10.5 within the next week or so.  One thing that might work is if 10.5 supported creating groups on the web.  I could give them edit privileges and let them do it that way..

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          Srinidhi Narayan

          This is a fairly loaded question, and possibly one which needs careful thought from a requirements perspective beyond just a "grouping" feature.


          At its simplest interpretation - if this is something you need for specific users, your users can do a one-time selection of the needed dimension values on the filter, and save a view that is part of their login access.   Would that suffice to suit the need?   This doesn't need a group, but their filter settings are saved as part of that custom view.   It does take a little bit of educating your end users, but it is the proverbial teaching to fish vs. giving them the fish type of a situation.  (see link below on custom views).


          Use Custom Views


          Meanwhile - it may help if you can provide some more info on how you govern your environment, and provide access to data or data sources.

          - do users have edit capability?

          - Are you publishing your data sources, or are they embedded as part of the published workbook?

          - Can you use sets, as opposed to groups?

          - What type of data source are you connecting to?

          - Can you use a secondary data source to capture the users and their preferred dimension values, that you can join as a filter, and can that be exposed to users to maintain ?  If so, you can use "user filters" to filter dimensions

          - How skilled are your users, and can they be guided/educated to take ownership of certain aspects of your environment? 


          A better understanding of these types of questions specific to your deployment will likely assist in providing better solutions.

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            Thanks for the reply!  Unfortunately, custom views won't work either.  They need to be able to select the custom groups and then compare them side by side with labels. 


            I didn't include a lot of detail, because I wanted to first find out if it was a built in functionality.  Since that is not the case I can move on to other possibilities. 


            To answer your questions:

            Users could have edit permissions.

            Data sources could be published.

            I can use sets.

            SQL Server data source.

            Do you mean to use a data source such as Excel for the users to create the groups in?  That could be a possibility, but I may be misunderstanding.

            Users are moderately skilled.  There is one user in the department that has beginner to intermediate Tableau Desktop skills.

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              Srinidhi Narayan

              FYI - there was some enhancements made in 10.5 to web authoring, and group management is listed as part of it.  However, I havent explored it indepth, nor can i tell if it addresses your concerns.

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                Ah, nice!  The most detail I can find is here: Web Authoring and Tableau Desktop Feature Comparison


                Plan to install 10.5 next week, so we'll see.