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    Alteryx TDE Refresh - Losing Fiscal Year Dates Tableau Server

    Andrew M



      I'm having a fit with retaining Fiscal Year date properties in Tableau server. Here's my issue:


      I use Alteryx to schedule daily refreshes of TDE's on Tableau server to support dashboards published on Tableau server. This automated process works great and I love using both of these tools. The issue is when alteryx refreshes the TDE, I lose all configured date properties in Tableau (Fiscal Year starting in October) and my dashboards published to server will revert back to calendar year display. I wish I could somehow retain these properties through the dashboard but I haven't found a way to do this. I use a (not ideal) workaround on other dashboards creating a string hierarchy FY, FY quarter, FY Month for simple drill-down and retain FY display. However, now I'm having limitations with this workaround for data that I want displayed as a continuous line graph. I'm unable to display this string hierarchy as a continuous line graph and the line graph is broken based on the separations (see below picture). I've searched alteryx community and this is a known issue between the two tools.


      I'm attaching a sample aggregated data set (the actual data has real dates). Does anybody have any ideas or ingenious workarounds


      Thank you for your time and help!