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    Vizalerts v2.1.0 Installation fails after Tableau 10.5 update



      after the migration to new Tableau Server Version 10.5 we also want to move forward to VizAlerts V2.1.0.
      Current Version which worked for us in the past was Tableau Server 10.4 and VizAlerts 1.1.1


      Anyway, after the successful Tableau-Server Update neither the successful running of V1.1.1 nor the update / new installation of V2.1.0 went trough.


      Everytime I want to configure VizAlertsConfig.twb I get the connection error from ProstgreSQL Repository:

      "ERROR: column u_sub.licensing_role_id does not exist; Error while executing the query"


      In addition the phyton execute of current v1.1.1 gets the same error as well.
      Any idea to get this fixed?