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    Can Tableau Fire VBA Events When Connecting to Excel?

    Tim Smith

      I am pulling geo data from two different databases. One provides lats and longs, but the other provides city, state. The city, state data is not neatly formatted (eg, it may contain: "NEW YORK", "New York      ", and "New York"), so of course it causes belly aches for Tableau. Plus, I'm then left with NULLS in the City, State columns of the lat/long data and vice versa for the City, State data. I'm apparently going to have to clean the data programmatically before it gets to Tableau. I was thinking/hoping I could throw this code in Excel's Workbook_Open event and then connect to the Excel workbook rather than the two databases. If Tableau does not trigger events, does anyone have any experience in creating intermediary scripts that clean data?


      And no. I do not have any sample data that I can share, so I do not have a workbook I can post. I'm hoping that someone can give pointers on pre-cleaning data BEFORE it hits Tableau, so a workbook wouldn't really be helpful in answering my question anyhow