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    Restrict categories based on presence of selected name, in a Jittered plot

    Jan Brooijmans

      Hi guys,


      Created a jitter plot, inspired by the chapter 3 Jitter for Speaker Ratings Comparing Individuals vs Peers. (Workbook: CH3_BBOD_Individual_vs_Peers ) Great stuff, but I would like to add an extra functionality.

      Let me give you the details: when selecting a name (using parameter), the rank and dot appears corresponding to that name, alongside the peers. Now I have a dataset where not everybody has scored in every category.

      The dataset is a number of workouts (sports), and the dots are the athletes who have scored on a number of those workouts.


      I would like to only see the workouts with all the results (individual and peers) where the selected name is present.


      What I did manage, is seeing only the selected name for those particular workouts. But not the rest of the peers in those workouts. I used the calc that Steve Wexler used for the summary: " IF [Your Name]=ATTR([Naam]) then [Rank] else 0 end "

      As said, works great for the summary - you only see the rank and percentile for the chosen athlete. But for the jitter dot plot, I'd like to see all the rest of the dots in the relevant workouts.


      Added the workbook, with the Workouts tab being the one I would like to see fewer workouts for.

      Used Tableau version 10.4 for the workbook.


      Hope someone can help me with this one!

      Kindest regards,