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    Single Data Source Connection for wider consumption

    Venkat Sivaneswaran



      We have a need to leverage a SQL server database for Viz development by several developers. But this generic ID and Password cannot be shared with the developer community due to internal policies. Our plan is to create one single connection on the server by embedding the credential so that all the developers can consume this data source connection and build their Viz.


      But the problem is there are 2000 tables in this database and we don't know which tables will be used by individual developer. So, we cannot prepare a specific metadata for wider consumption since each developer use different set of tables/joins.


      Is there a way for these developers to connect to this single data connection, drag and drop their own tables, join, prepare metadata and publish the viz to the server ?


      Please advise. Thanks in advance..

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          Chris McClellan

          In my opinion you have the wrong plan.  Tableau does allow drag & drop, join, prep metadata and publish BUT every time you do a different combination of this it's another data source.  If the developers cannot connect to the database themselves then you must do it for them - create a new data source for every different combination of joins that are required.  You can make this as generic as possible, but 1 data source is the wrong solution.