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    VizAlertConfig invalid regular expression in allowed_from_address v.2.1.0.

    Enrico Franchini


      we upgraded Tableau to 10.5 and VizAlert started giving problems, so we moved on to version 2.1.0.


      We downloaded the new VizAlert project, modified VizAlertConfig reporting the current changes and then republished.

      We also tried to modify an existing vizalert starting from the VIzAlertsDemo, but every time we try a test with "test_alert" we get the same error:

      "Could not process source viz data from VizAlertsConfig/ScheduledTriggerViews for the following reason:

      Invalid regular expression found. Could not evaluate expression '' in the field allowed_from_address. Raw error:



      but allowed_from_address has not actually been modified and in default_allowed_from_address in the current value has been inserted this: (vizalerts|info)@mycompany\.it exactly as in the old version.

      Is there a way to debug it? or anyway to understand what the problem may be?