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    Export to PDF dialog box api call (showExportPDFDialog())

    Vikram Keshari

      My Scenerio:

      I have a tableau section in my page, where I hit the tableau dashboard in my page through javascript to display that in a section.

      The section has limited height and width.

      Inside that section I have a button which calls the showExportPDFDialog() api on click, to download the tableau dashboard as pdf.

      The pdf dialog box pops up.


      My Issue:

      The pdf dialog box has height and width more than my section, inside which it is placed.

      Due to which half of dialog box is not visible.

      Is there a way I can change or reduce the default height and width of the showExportPDFDialog() popup from the javascript end?

      or any other alternative, please suggest.

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          Hi Vikram,


          I have moved your thread to the JS category.


          In the meantime, would this change work?

          w= window.frameElement.offsetWidth-20;

          h= window.frameElement.offsetHeight-20;

          var options = {      

            width: w,    

            height: h,   

            hideTabs: true,    

            hideToolbar: false,    

            onFirstInteractive: function () {     

               workbook = viz.getWorkbook();       activeSheet = workbook.getActiveSheet();   



          viz = new tableau.Viz(placeholderDiv, url, options);


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