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    Setting default date value in Parameter based date time field

    Arjit Yadav



      I have two date-pickers - Start Date and End Date.

      I want by default the 'Start Date' to be one month old from today's date.

      And by default 'End Date' to be today's date.


      For End date, I have created a calculated field and set the calculation as Today().

      And while selecting the parameter End Date, I have put 'Maximum' value in the Range to be selected from the above calculated field.

      Same Approach however, I am not able to do for Start Date.


      I have tried creating a calculated field with calculation like: 'Start Date = Today() -30' and putting the field in filter and setting it to True but

      it doesnt work.


      Attaching workbook for reference.

      I would be glad if somebody could help regarding this.