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    Show average of items not in view

    Cambria Brown

      I would like to color code a add a reference line for all facilities, but only show one in the view.  I want someone to be able to select their facility and see just the bar for their facility, but have the average line and color coding be based on the average for all facilities.  Could someone help me with this?  Thank you!!

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          Matthew Theis

          Cambria Brown  Attached you'll find a 10.4 version.  I added a calculated field: Calculation1:  LOOKUP(MIN([Facitlity Name]),0)=[Facility name parameter]


          I also created a LOD for both the gal/yr and a calculated field for Avg.


          Then I added Avg calculated field as a dual axis.  I put Avg as a Gantt Bar and synchronized axes.  Then I put Calculation1 as a True filter and bam.


          Did this help or answer your question?



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            Jim Dehner

            Hi see the attached


            I am giving yu 2 versions - the first is the sum of the values / sum of production which is an overalll average



            The second would be the average of the the value at each facility



            the choice is yours


            using the first value the chart would look like this


            I made a text chart with both values so you could see the difference




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