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    Any questions for the Tableau doctor?

    Jim de Clercq

      Hi all,


      Last user group we tried to organize some last-minute doctor sessions with some Tableau experts in our NL Tableau community. Possibly due to the late announcement, we didn't get any questions for our doctors at that event. However, we're going to try again at our event in March 2018 (27th March, save the date). If you have any questions that you could use a second opinion on, don't hesitate and sign up for a doctor's appointment: Questions for Tableau Doctor at NLTUG March 2018


      We'll try to get everyone an appointment at the event, but in case we get too many question we may need to reschedule some appointments to a virtual consult after the event.


      Also, you can always post your questions on these forums directly to see if anyone can help you. Most people in this community are extremely willing to help, so use that as a resource when necessary.