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    Tableau Forums Webscraping

    Matthew Risley

      Happy Friday, Everyone!


      I was wondering what the policy is on Web-scraping the forums? I've been working on some low-level and fun projects and I think this would sharpen some of my skills with Python.


      My intentions are nothing malicious - downloading workbooks, getting posts from my favorite users, etc. I might even do some sentiment analysis on posts if I am allowed! I don't know - we'll see. However, good intentions do not mean "legal". I couldn't find anything on Tableau's site. Has anyone else done this (doesn't mean legal)?


      Also, if this is allowed - do you guys have any suggestions or something fun you'd like to see?


      Web-scraping has allowed me to provide you with a wonderful picture of my face https://community.tableau.com/people/matthew.risley.1/avatar/46.png


      PS: I've also successfully been able to download all workbooks/paste images on a post if this gives you ideas.