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    Fixed LOD Dimensions when comparing 2 measures

    shwetha sarma



      I need help with a LOD calculation. I am comparing a dimension against 2 measures. I divided the axis into 4 quadrants.


      I want to be able to filter on the dimension. But, when I filter and select one product name, the product is adjusted into a different quadrant and is not fixed in the same position as before. To explain better, all the values are adjusted based on the current filter selection.


      But, I would like the position of the product names to be fixed and not change or auto adjust when filter selection is made.


      For example, if I select "36*48 hardfloor chairmat  " product only from the filter it falls into "Top Right" quad. But, if I add "2300 heavy-duty transfer...." item, it moves into bottom right quad. I don't want the position to change based on the selection. I want the position to be fixed.


      I hope this explanation helps. Also, the access is percentile of the measure and I would like to keep it that way.