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    Tableau Bridge Client Sync failing since tableau online upgrade Sunday?

    John Markhorst

      Has anyone else had an issue with tableau bridge client failing to sync TDE's with tableau online since the Sunday 1/7/18 upgrade of tableau online?

      We are now not able to sync any extract tde online. We are getting the error could not refresh the data source. if the issue persists, contact Tableau Support.


      We've been going thought emails with support but can't get a handle on the issue.   I can upload live TDE's to tableau online though python scripts, but can't do extract TDE's as it says we don't have permissions (although logging in as an administrator user).

      We have upgraded to 10.4.2 and have even done a clean install on a different machine of 10.5 with same results. 

      This is really become a problem.... Any help would be appreciated.