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    Calculating Exact Business day using Time based

    Mohammad Naveed

      Hi All,


      i am stuck in calculating Business day based on time , below is the SQL query which i am using currently for my project and its working perfectly in SQL Server however when i using same in Tableau its showing an error as "Datediff(string,integer,datetime) error"


      can anyone please guide me on this.


      Sql Query


      declare @StartDate datetime, @EndDate datetime


      select @StartDate = '1/11/2017  3:08:25 PM',@EndDate='1/9/2018  10:40:21 PM'


      Select convert(decimal(10,2),(cast(Datediff(second,@StartDate, @EndDate) as decimal(10,2)))/86400 )

      - (DATEDIFF(wk,@StartDate, @EndDate)*2) --Subtact 2 days for each full weekend

        - (1-SIGN(DATEDIFF(dd,6,@StartDate)%7)) --If StartDate is a Sunday, Subtract 1

      - (1-SIGN(DATEDIFF(dd,5, @EndDate)%7)) --If EndDate is a Saturday, Subtract 1


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