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    Visualizing ranks, keywords, and dates

    Alex Martino

      I have a file with 4 key fields

      Keywords, dates, rank, and search volume


      What are some good ways to visualize the following? I've been playing around with the file but havne't bbeen abble to get these visualizations.


      1) A few ways to visualize all the keywords and changes in rank over dates

      2) SHow just the most recent (date) rank for all the search terms

      3) Sort results by keyword search results.

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde



          The date added field doe not have a unique rank set.  For instance - December 29,2017 has a list of keywords where duplicate values exist for the rank value of 5, 22, 80, and 147. 

          the Rank values are also missing values between rank numbers such that there are the values of 1,2,4,5,9,16, etc.. 


          I think a good view of a small set of this data would be a Sankey diagram but with this amount of data, I would think a higher level grouping would be better to do.  something like sports clothes, pullovers, golf, and hoodies. 



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            Alex Martino

            Hi Patrick A Van Der Hyde. Maybe I didn't explain myself clearly. I was curious if there was a way to get an output of the rank on the last date for each respective keyword. So I would have a list of every keyword and the most recent rank for that keyword (even if it's just a text table)


            The rank values are secondary to the keywords.


            Then it would be interesting to see line charts for each keyword of the change in rank over time.


            Does that make sense?

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              Patrick A Van Der Hyde

              Sorry Alex.  I'm still not following.  Could you provide an example of what you are expecting in the output?  We can get the max date for each keyword from:


              {fixed Keyword:max([Date Added])}


              and then we can use that in a calculation to find the Rank on that day with


              If [max date for each keyword]=[Date Added] then [Rank] End


              ****  Note - I highly encourage to NOT name fields the same as a Tableau function. Rank() is a Tableau Function and in this case it is also a field.  I would rename that field in the raw data or at least in the view (right click -> Rename) to prevent confusing statements in your calculations.


              A sample view of this data with the expected outcome would help clarify.


              Note for others - this is Tableau v10.2