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    Tableau SDK and Extract API 2.0 Incompatible?


      With all the hype over the new Hyper extract format I went looking and found the new "Extract API 2.0" download.

      It appears to be functionally used identically to the Extract API in the SDK, and barring a #define difference in the TableauCommon.h header file that part is identical.

      I'd like to be able to produce both/either TDE and Hyper files from the same application, and use the ServerAPI in the SDK to publish either to Tableau Server (or Online).

      BUT there appears to be is a major problem here. The API 2.0 was built using different versions of many of the (bin) DLLs than the SDK, so it appears you can't use both in the same application!


      Since the API 2.0 has a DLL named TableauHyperExtract.dll vs the SDK's TableauExtract.dll, and all the common code seems to be compatible, it certainly seems like Tableau could have easily just added Hyper to the SDK as say "HyperAPI" instead of keeping it separate.

      But, if they would just update the SDK to use the same version of the 3rd party DLLs and rebuild and release that, then we could merge the bin folder's contents and use both from the same application.


      Speaking of the bin folder ...

      The Extract API 2.0 download contains a bin folder with DLLs similar to the SDK, but then it has a "hyper" folder under that with several of the DLLs repeated and then the EXE files for hyper, similar to the TDEServer64.exe SDK has.

      Why the duplication? Would I need to lay it out like that on the machine where my app will run?

      Then to get more weird, there is a ZIP in the bin/hyper folder that nested 3 folder deep in it contains the DLLs again, as well as PDB files so appears to be for DEBUG, but there is no Read Me file to explain anything and the Online Help doesn't either.