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    Adding labels to a stacked bar graph with multiple measures per bar (version 9.3)




      I am trying to add labels ($ amount) so appears in each segment of each bar on a stacked bar graph. Because I have the it formatted so that the two smaller segments are portions of the third larger segment (done by Analysis > Stack Marks > Off and then reordering the measures under the Measure Values card), the labels aren't centered correctly in each segment (see first attached screenshot).


      I have tried the methods of creating a duplicate Measure Values pill and then overlaying a Gantt Bar using a dual axis, and creating a trend line with only the labels being visible. The former almost works but doesn't allow for the labels to be centered within each segment (see second attached screenshot), while the latter doesn't even get close. Is there another work around for this?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      P.S. I am unable to post the workbook to due to sensitive client information and it would too long to scrub the data