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    Email Group Subscription

    Henry Zheng



      Here is an example, we have an outlook email group (email1@address.com) which consists of 10 people (jack@address.com, jim@address.com, ……), and we have created a server user with email address - email1@address.com and subscribe to a dashboard so that all of the 10 people will receive a snapshot of the dashboard.


      Now, we want to create another outlook email group (email2@address.com) which consists of 2 people who are already in email1@address.com, do we need a new server license for email2@address.com in order to subscribe?

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          Chris McClellan

          What sort of Server license do you have ?


          If it's a named user license, then creating email1@ will violate your License Agreement.


          I faced exactly the same issue with a client last month, the proper (legal) method is to buy licenses for Jack, Jim and all other "real people"

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