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    Display top ranked sub-category in cross tab

    Michael Musi Jr

      The data set is from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in which each row is a unique complaint that contains information such as the COMPANY and PRODUCT, among other details.


      I'm creating a cross tab that ranks each COMPANY by  number of complaints (COUNTD(Complaint ID)) and I also want to display which PRODUCT is responsible for the majority of the complaints. In other words, I want to display the name of the PRODUCT that has the max COUNTD(Complaint ID) per company. It seems like a simple task but I've been stuck on this for a while.


      The column should look like "Most Complained About Product":


      CompanyTotal Company ComplaintsMost Complained About Product
      Bank of America72kChecking and Savings Account
      Experian70kCredit Reporting
      Wells Fargo68kMortgages
      American Express59kChecking and Savings Account


      Thank you for your insight!


      Tableau 10.4.2